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    About Winchester University Press

    Winchester University Press (WUP) is an open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic books and journals in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. WUP is committed to enhancing the availability of high-quality research and knowledge across the globe, with no barriers to access. We believe that it is vital in the twenty-first century to democratise knowledge and ensure that people of all backgrounds and from all nations, can freely participate in intellectual debate.

    Press Management

    The Press is managed by a Management Board and one general editors: 


    Why Publish with WUP?

    We are keen to publish cutting-edge work from academics from across the world. Our peer-review and publishing process will ensure that the latest ideas can be brought to publication in a timely fashion so as to make the weightiest contribution to their disciplinary area, and by publishing these works through Open Access then we can guarantee a readership far in excess of the usual level of readership for academic publications.

    How do I submit a publishing proposal?

    In the first instance you should contact the managing Editor, Christopher Mulvey (christopher.mulvey@winchester.ac.uk) to discuss your potential proposal – this could be a full-length book, a shorter-length critical study, a research paper/report, or could come in some other form – we are happy to discuss any/all possibilities.

    Once you have done so, and it has been agreed that your project is something WUP is interested in, you can submit a formal proposal document. This should be organised under the headings outlined below. The proposal you submit will be the basis on which we judge the project’s suitability for publication. We would suggest a proposal of between 3-4 pages in length, although this should be supplemented by sample chapters, or a draft manuscript, and an up-to-date CV.

    Statement of aims

    A statement of aims including three or four paragraphs outlining the rationale behind the book:

    A detailed synopsis and (where appropriate) chapter headings

    A detailed synopsis and (if relevant) chapter headings with an indication of length and schedule Please provide a paragraph of explanation on what you intend each chapter/section to cover. If sample chapters or draft material is available, please send a sample or else give a clear sense as to when such would be available.

    A description of the target market

    A list of the main competing research in this area

    A biographical note about the author

    ​​​Let us know about your background, experience qualifications, previous publications, etc. Please do the same for any co-authors, editors, contributors.

    ​How we evaluate your proposal

    The proposal will be evaluated by the Press's General Editors, who each produce a report. If the Editors are satisfied that the proposal meets content, quality and market criteria, then the next stage is for the proposal to be sent to a minimum of two independent readers who each produce reports. If the independent reader reports are supportive of publication, the proposal is discussed again by the Editors and, if approved, a draft contract is issued.

    Winchester University Press is able to offer:

    How much are our Book Processing Charges (BPCs)?

    Part of the commitment of WUP to open access publishing for all is to waive all BPCs for our contributors.